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Vintage bus hire in Berlin | SAURER postal bus


You are looking for a very special coach? You are interested in a city tour in Berlin with vintage bus?

Driver cabin of SAURER vintage bus. The steering wheel is on the right-hand side.

For very special occasions you may not only hire regular coaches with BEX Charter. We are proud to introduce our lovingly and painstakingly restored original postal bus SAURER 2 CR 1 D Alpenwagen II from 1940 to you for nostalgic travels…


Experience in nostalgia

Get on our Swiss postal bus, enjoy a nostalgic travel with friends, acquaintances, relatives or colleagues and feel the good old days 70 years ago. Not only fans of vintage coaches will be thrilled by this experience.

Make your business or club trip a memorable one. Give your birthday or wedding party the special atmosphere of a nostalgic travel. The vintage coach is equipped with a microphone so that a city tour guide may accompany and entertain you during your sightseeing tour of Berlin.

Our SAURER vintage bus is the right coach for many occasions.

The BEX Charter team is always at your disposal for further information and reservations.

SAURER vintage bus

Specifications of our Swiss vintage bus


Manufacturer: Adolph Saurer AG, Arbon (CH)  
Body: company Regazzoni, Lugano (CH)
Type/Version: 2 CR 1 D (Alpenwagen II)
Registered: 10 January 1940
Number of seats: 20
Power: 48 kW/65 hp
Maximum speed: 67 km/h
Cubic capacity: 5,32 l


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