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Charter eco friendly buses in Berlin with BEX Charter


Do you also care for the environment when planning your event and your bus hire in Berlin?

What do you think? Which means of transport is the most eco friendly one? The question is easy to answer from an ecological point of view: It is the coach. The coach ranks first in terms of economic efficiency and climate compatibility. Just think of 50 people who may travel by coach from A to B and replace about 30 cars and relieve congestion.

Fuel consumption and exhaust emission figures. Coach figures in comparison to other means of transport.On a 100 km journey a coach consumes 1.4 liter of diesel and exhausts 3.1 kilos of carbon per person which means that it has the lowest fuel consumption and exhaust emission figures. The results of cars and planes are far worse.

The figures demonstrate that the coach is not an environmental polluter. On the contrary, the more people travel by coach, the better it is for the environmental balance…

Most modern engine systems

EURO 5 MAN engine type D26 LOHOur coaches are powered by newest fuel efficient, low emission engines. They have effective catalysts and comply with the latest European standards for emission control. The coaches of BEX comply at least with the EURO 5 standard.


EURO 6 Mercedes Travego Edition 1 engine of OM 471 LA typeAll newly bought coaches comply with the EURO 6 standard.

For example: Merdedes Travego Edition 1, Motor OM 471 LA EURO 6


Own coach wash

Coach wash on the premises of BEXThere is an own coach wash on our premises which ensures that our customers may get on clean coaches every day. This coach wash is operated ecologically with domestic and reverse osmosis water.

Steadily growing success in coach charter and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, the environmental protection is a prerequisite to success in coach charter. By using most modern, especially low emission coaches, BEX significantly contributes to environmental protection.

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