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Hire BEX coaches in Berlin for safe driving


BEX has been successful in coach & bus charter for over 60 years. This is a result of continuous investment in the latest safety technology for our coaches.

Neoplan Cityliner with adaptive cruise control and lane guard systemPassengers who get on a BEX coach opt for uncompromising safety. Our vehicles are equipped with a variety of modern security systems to guarantee you a safe journey and high comfort.


Security systems of our coaches

The standard security equipment includes a sturdy passenger compartment, seat belts on all seats, a speed limiter to a maximum of 100 km/h, anti-lock brakes (ALB), traction control (TC), an electronic stability system (ESS) and of course a GPS navigation system. Moreover, many coaches are equipped with a lane assistant (SPA), an active brake assist (ABA) and an adaptive cruise control (ACC).

All these security features are irrelevant without the professionals who know their job - our coach drivers. Regular driving and safety training sessions ensure our drivers learn to master this technology for the benefit of you, our passengers - even in critical situations.

Our bus drivers are obliged to renew their licenses every 5 years. Further training and thorough medical examination are necessary for this.

In addition, strict adherence to driving and rest times guarantees maximum safety.

Regular safety checks

Coach depot with vintage busesTo trust is good, to check is better. Therefore, BEX coaches undergo the main inspection every year to be tested thoroughly. This main inspection is carried out by independent inspection engineers in our own garage.

It goes without saying that our vehicles are also regularly maintained between the annual main inspections and thoroughly checked every 3 months. The surveys of the Federal Statistical Office have made it absolutely clear: coach travel is the safest means of transport of all. This also applies to the coaches of BEX.

You can trust us – for sure.

Security systems of our coaches at a glance

  • Sturdy passenger compartment
  • Seat belts on all seats
  • Speed limiter to a maximum of 100 km/h
  • Anti-lock brakes (ALB)
  • Traction control (TC)
  • Electronic stability system (ESS)
  • GPS navigation system
  • Lane assistant (SPA)
  • Active brake assist (ABA)
  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)