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Excursion to the Spreewald Forest with punting tour, pickles, bread & lard


Take part in a comfortable coach trip to Burg in the Spreewald Forest. Taste pickles, bread and lard upon your arrival at the port of Waldschlösschen and enjoy the subsequent punting tour…

Traditional punting tour

The Spreewald Forest lies in the Lower Lausitz region south of Berlin and is characterized by a meandering labyrinth of waterways and tributaries of the River Spree. Even today these waterways are often the only connection from one farm or field or neighboring village to the other. Sorbs and Wends been living in the Spreewald Forest since the Slavic settlement in the 6th century. They have preserved their language and their cultural identity until today.

Spreewald cuisine

Taste pickles, bread and lard upon arrival in the Spreewald Forest.Admire the special charm of this unique biosphere reserve on a traditional punting tour during which you will be punted on a traditional boat by a Spreewald ferryman. Finally you will also have the opportunity to taste the Spreewald Forest cuisine (not included in the price).

Minimum participants: 20


Excursion to the Spreewald Forest




Kurfürstendamm 216, corner of Fasanenstraße, 10719 Berlin


app. 7.5 hours



Your Spreewald excursion at a glance

  • Drive from Berlin to the Spreewald Forest by comfortable coach
  • Welcome by the ferryman with pickles, bread & lard
  • Traditional punting tour
  • Chance to taste the Spreewald Forest cuisine

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Advance booking is required and also possible by email or phone.

Tip: Book your excursion to the Spreewald Forest online and get a discount code for booking an excursion to Potsdam. You will find the discount code on your online ticket.

Notice: This excursion is in German language only. However, we have some basic information in English available for you on site. So you are welcome to discover the natural beauty of the Spreewald on our excursion.

Video:Spree Forest – idyllic riverscapes, ospreys and boat trips

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